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Memphis Suburban Schools Surpass Statewide Averages as TCAP Test Scores Rise, Tennessee Department of Education Reports

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Memphis Area Suburban Schools Overall TCAP Test Scores Rise

Tennessee Department of Education Announces TCAP Scores

Last week, Tennessee released the recent Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) scores provoking a shimmer of hope due to the promising progress seen across the state. The data disclosed by the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) showed a steady increase in the percentage of proficient students in science as well as English Language Arts (ELA), with a one percent growth in both areas year over year.

Suburban Schools Outperform Statewide Averages

The statewide averages were surpassed by the scores of numerous suburban school districts in the Memphis area. Among the standouts in this uptick in scores were students in the Collierville, Germantown Municipal, Bartlett City, Arlington Community, Lakeland, and Millington Municipal School districts.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Collierville Schools Achieve Notable Increases

The standout was the Collierville Schools, which documented increases in several categories. Most notably, there was a significant rise from 77% to 80.6% in the fourth-grade ELA proficiency rate. The overall third- through eighth-grade ELA proficiency rate increased to 66.6% from 65.1%.

Germantown Municipal School District Shows Consistent Rise

In the Germantown Municipal School District, the ELA proficiency rate increased from 69.4% to 70.1%. A slight decline in third-grade ELA proficiency rates was observed, while math and Biology I proficiency rates increased.

Bartlett City Schools Register Incremental Gains

Bartlett City Schools reported a slight rise in third- through eighth-grade ELA proficiency rates, from 45.9% to 47.5%, and a more significant increase in math proficiency.

Proficiency Rates in Arlington Community Schools Grow

Arlington Community Schools saw an increase in ELA proficiency among third- through eighth-graders, with a rise from 62.9% to 64%.

Lakeland School System’s Third Graders Excel in ELA

Lakeland School System made noteworthy progress, especially among their third graders, who pushed their ELA proficiency rate up from 70% to 74.9%.

Millington Municipal Schools Witness Big Jump in Third-Grade Reading

Moreover, the number of Millington third graders scoring proficiently on the ELA section rose dramatically. In 2023, the rate was 35%, while in 2024, it leaped to 42.2%, resulting in a significant overall proficiency rise for third- through eighth-graders.


Tennessee’s suburban schools in the Memphis area demonstrated a welcoming upward trend in TCAP scores. The Department of Education credits these advancements to a variety of implementing strategies designed to improve student achievement and the hard work of students and educators alike.

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