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Mid-South Students Kick Off Summer Break as Schools Close, City Ensures Engaging and Safe Activities

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Summer Break Begins for Thousands of Mid-South Students

Schools Close Doors for Summer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Thousands of students across the Mid-South region are celebrating the start of their summer break, as schools close their doors for the annual hiatus. As students gear up for approximately two months of vacation, local community leaders and educators are encouraging parents to keep their children engaged and productive during this time.

City Prepares Preventive Measures

Memphis Parks Director, Nick Walker, emphasised the city’s role in providing safe and engaging summer programming for students, serving as a preventative measure for crime. “We don’t have badges and we don’t carry weapons, but we view ourselves as an alternative path for a lot of young men and women,” Walker explained. The city’s 25 summer camp locations, operated by Memphis Parks, have already reached capacity with approximately 2,200 participants signed up. Walker, however, still encourages parents to put their children on the waiting list.

Increased Safety Measures

Known for prioritizing the safety of its students, the city has approved an expansion of its video camera program in response to recent incidents of crime. “City council helped us expand our video camera program to where, now all of our sites have live video feed both inside and outside the centers,” Walker clarified. The programming has allowed for a successful partnership with the local law enforcement and the Real Time Crime Center.

A Variety of Summer Activities

The summer programming offers a wide range of activities, including sports events, Family Fun Friday events, and Play Your Park drop-in programming across eight locations. Registration is currently ongoing at these eight sites for families interested in engaging their children into beneficial and constructive activities throughout the summer break.

Maintaining Public Order and Safety

The hope for the city, the community leaders, and the parents is that these constructive programs will help maintain public order and safety during the summer months. Not only can these activities provide a fun and fulfilling summer for the students, but it can also give parents peace of mind, knowing their children are in a safe and engaging environment.

As the summer break officially begins, thousands of Mid-South students are eager to dive head first into their well-deserved break, while the city and its community leaders work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a safe, engaging, and unforgettable summer experience.

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