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TSA Displays Prohibited Items at Memphis International Airport Ahead of Busy Travel Season

TSA displaying prohibited items

Prohibited items put on display by TSA ahead of the approaching bustling travel season

Memphis, Tennessee – Published May 29, 2024


As the annual busy travel period, which begins on Memorial Day and runs through Labor Day, approaches, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Memphis International Airport held an exhibition on Wednesday to provide useful tips to travelers. With travel times often being hindered by prohibited items, TSA is making it clear to passengers about what items to avoid taking to the airport.

TSA’s Display of Prohibited Items

The items put on display by the TSA as examples of prohibited items include a bowling pin, ninja stars, blades, Tasers, and even guns. The purpose of this exhibit is to ensure passengers are aware of what items are not allowed, which will help avoid delays at security checks, thus ensuring smoother travel times.

Expected Travel Statistics

Over the summer, the TSA is anticipating more than 2.8 million passengers to be screened daily across the nation, a figure surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Specifically in Memphis, passenger traffic is at its highest in 16 years. To accommodate the expected increase in travelers, the TSA is advising passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled flight time.

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