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Memphis Public Works Director Robert Knecht Announces Retirement After Over Two Decades of Service

Retiring public works director

Memphis Public Works Director Announces Retirement

Director Knecht Addresses His Tenure and Future Plans

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was announced today that the director of the Memphis Public Works, Robert Knecht, is planning to retire after more than two decades of service. We sat down with Knecht for an exclusive one-on-one interview discussing various topics, ranging from the battle against urban decay, the Elvis Presley construction delay, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to the challenges he faced during his tenure. Despite his impending retirement, he asserts his commitment to serve Memphis till his very last day in office.

The Decision to Retire

When asked about his retirement decision, Knecht stated, “Just opportunity. I didn’t expect it. Over the last few years, I’ve had an opportunity presented and every once and a while you find an opportunity that makes the most sense for you and your family. That’s what ultimately drove the decision.” Knecht plans to remain in Memphis, shifting his career focus to the private sector.

Legacy and Challenges of the Public Works Department

The Public Works Department, the third-largest division in Memphis, is responsible for addressing blight, code enforcement, and environmental policies. Discussing the legacy and hardships the incoming director will inherit, Knecht acknowledges the significant strides made but highlights the work still needed, particularly on private property accountability and enforcement, both which depend heavily on court action.

Construction Delays and the Role of AI Technology

In June, construction on the Elvis Presley project was halted due to funding issues. While Knecht disclosed they have yet to receive an official response from the state regarding the project, he expressed optimism about the resumption of funding. Reflecting on his tenure’s accomplishments, Knecht firmly believes that the implementation of AI technology to identify urban decay, litter, potholes, and stormwater infrastructure issues has greatly advanced Memphis’ public services.

Facing Challenges and Looking to the Future

Knecht is candid about the challenges encountered during his tenure. He notes, “…financial struggles, recruiting, and hiring are longstanding issues.” Even though he is unaware of his successor, he remains committed to assist during the transition. His tenure as Memphis Public Works Director concludes on July 26, but he is content with the legacy he leaves behind: “I’ve always made an effort to promote leadership, to grow the organization, to grow skills and expand on those skills so others can move into their perspective growth opportunities.

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