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TikTok Food Critic Keith Lee Plans to Visit Memphis: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Is Food Critic Keith Lee Coming to Memphis? What We Know

Who is Keith Lee?

Keith Lee is a well-known TikTok food critic who has amassed a vast following of over 16 million followers on the platform. He is a 27-year-old mixed martial arts fighter who found a different calling as a food critic in 2021. Documenting his wife’s pregnancy cravings from local eateries began as a personal journey but quickly gained popularity, pivoting him towards a prosperous career in food reviewing. Lee’s honest food reviews, where he engages his audience with his ordering experience and ratings for each meal, have made him a household name.

Keith Lee

The Popularity Behind Keith Lee’s Reviews

Lee’s objective and respectful approach to food reviewing is primarily what catapulted him to fame. Practicing a no negativity policy, Lee chooses not to belittle food but instead focuses on whether it aligns with his taste preference. His honest and positive spin on reviews have not only attracted a broad demographic of followers but his endorsement also triggers a significant boost in business for the restaurants he reviews.

The Taste of The World Through Keith Lee’s Lens

From unassuming mom-and-pop shops and family-owned businesses to lavish establishments, Lee does not discriminate in his choices – he experiences all kinds of food so long as they are endorsed by his fan base. His inclusive approach has let him sample a diverse range of eateries across numerous cities, such as Atlanta, Bay Area, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Hawaii, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, and Toronto.

Global Cuisine

Upcoming Food Tours

In a recent big announcement, Keith Lee mentioned that Memphis would be part of his upcoming food tour. Although the date for his Memphis tour has yet to be announced, fans are excitedly suggesting local eateries for him to review.

How to Get Your Favourite Memphis Restaurant Reviewed by Keith Lee?

For Memphis food enthusiasts keen on seeing their favourite restaurants reviewed by Lee, the TikTok food critic is open to suggestions. If you own or love a local small business, a food truck, or a family-run restaurant that doesn’t often get the limelight, tagging Lee or emailing suggestions to might just get their food under his critical lens. Similarly, establishments that play a pivotal role in the Memphis culinary scene or restaurants specializing in world cuisine, can also be pitched to him.

Awaiting Keith Lee’s Visit

For the moment, the city of Memphis waits in anticipation for the TikToker’s visit and the food reviews to follow. It’s a fantastic opportunity for establishments to gain recognition and for local food lovers to learn how their favourite eatery fares under the intense scrutiny of a famous food critic.

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