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Karen Read’s Lawyers Provide Insights into Recent Mistrial and Pending Charges

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Karen Read’s Lawyers Share Light on Recent Mistrial

Boston: Karen Read’s Lawyers Comment on Recent Mistrial

In the latest update from the trial of Karen Read, the legal team representing Read has relayed some behind-the-scenes insight on the split jury’s decision which led to the mistrial being announced. The details, passed on via juror intermediaries, are part of Read’s strategy to dismiss two of the three serious charges against her.

The Charges and Mistrial

Karen Read was facing three charges: second-degree murder, manslaughter under the influence of liquor while operating a motor vehicle, and leaving the scene of personal injury and death. A mistrial was declared a week prior to the motion for dismissal, due to a split jury who couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict. The resulting mistrial has set a new trial date in motion, with a hearing scheduled on July 22 for further discussions.

Insights from Juror Intermediaries

According to Read’s defence, there are claims that at least one juror had intended to vote not guilty on the first and third charges. Defence attorney, Alan Jackson, stated that a juror contacted him, displeased with inaccurate reports about the jurors’ division leading to the mistrial. Co-counsel, David Yannetti, also reported hearing from two intermediaries who had interacted with other jurors sharing similar sentiments.

Prosecution’s Response and the Next Trial Date

While the prosecution, represented by Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, is reviewing the motion to dismiss the charges, they anticipate filing a response soon. Although Karen Read is pushing for the dismissal of two charges, the prosecution looks forward to reinstate litigation on all three charges in the upcoming trial date.

Lead Investigator Suspended Without Pay

In another significant development related to the case, Trooper Michael Proctor, the lead investigator, is now under a review hearing about his future with the department. He has been suspended without pay due to undisclosed reasons. This development might bring fresh contention to the already turbulent case.

What Comes Next?

While the case continues to unfold, all eyes will be on the July 22 hearing to determine the next trial date. The defence’s motion to dismiss two charges and recent developments with the lead investigator add further layers of complexity to the case. The forthcoming trial could potentially take a dramatically different course, depending on the outcome of Proctor’s review and the court’s ruling on the dismissal motion.

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