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Top American Culinary Show to Spotlight Memphis’ Huey’s Restaurant

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Top American Culinary Show Arrives in Memphis to Feature Local Favorite, Huey’s Restaurant

What started as a local burger joint half a century ago, Huey’s in Memphis, will soon be under the national spotlight as America’s Best Restaurants is gearing up to feature this iconic restaurant alongside the country’s most renowned diners. The media group will be at 1927 Madison Ave, the original location of Huey’s, between 9 a.m. and noon on June 13 for filming. The finished episode’s release date will be announced via the Huey’s Facebook page and will also be available on the America’s Best Restaurants’ website.

Inside the Focus of America’s Best Restaurants

America’s Best Restaurants caters to the foodie nation by unearthing hidden gems and celebrating gastronomic stalwarts from around the United States. It helps promote local food establishments through video reviews, ranking as one of the most innovative ways to support local restaurants. Its episodes offer a comprehensive understanding of eateries, including interviews with staff, discussions on the venue’s community-role, and an exploration of the most mouth-watering dishes.

The restaurants featured on the show are chosen following a rigorous selection process, taking into account aspects like customer reviews, local community involvement, signature culinary delights, and active social media presence. So far, the platform has shot over 1,300 episodes profiling America’s top restaurants.

Putting Memphis on the Culinary Map

In the heart of Memphis, Huey’s has earned a renowned reputation since its establishment in 1970. Initially founded by Allen Gary, the restaurant underwent a vital transformation in 1976 once it was purchased by Thomas Boggs. Today, Boggs’ lineage continues to helm this much-loved establishment.

Known primarily for its burgers, Huey’s has since carved out its niche in the increasingly crowded casual-dining scene. The success it has seen locally over the last few decades is sure to translate well in its national TV debut on America’s Best Restaurants.

Huey’s Everlasting Legacy

Huey’s has not only served the most delicious burgers in town, but it has also nurtured bonds across generations of patrons. The restaurant takes pride in being an integral part of Memphis’s community fabric.

“People grew up going here as kids,” said Huey’s President Ashley Boggs Robilio. “They bring their kids here; they went with their grandparents. We’re a place that’s built on stories. I mean, we make one [social media] post and three generations of people reply to it, and I think that’s really special.”

The impending America’s Best Restaurants feature will certainly highlight Huey’s massive local popularity, ultimately allowing patrons around the nation to virtually participate in the Huey’s experience.

Stay Tuned for More

The forthcoming episode unveiling Huey’s legacy promises a deeper understanding of this Memphis gem, a place where every bite tells a story.

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